Our Story

Our journey started in late 2017 offering sales, customer success, and communication outsourcing solutions. Our purpose was to aid businesses in addressing their sales and communication challenges in order to give them more time to focus on their main mission: improve their products or services. We wanted to penetrate the business world by helping companies succeed in areas they are facing challenges in. The main reason behind our results is our team of amazing people who were and still are part of our journey.

Our main office is based in Lebanon for 3 simple reasons (other than the sun, food, and hospitality).

First, the geographical location and time zone: Lebanon is based on the Mediterranean Sea, right between Europe and the Arab countries.

Second, the trilingual culture: To be able to fulfill the needs of clients based in different countries we shall be able to speak their language, and in Lebanon most of graduated people are trilingual.

At last but not least, the people: Motivated, talented, and resilient would be a perfect description of our team members!

We have invested in tools, softwares and backup solutions to always be ready to respond to our clients needs despite the circumstances. However, our biggest investment was in our team. WE BET ON PEOPLE. We always did, and we always will.