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Graphic Design Internship

Job Title:

Graphic Design Internship



Job Description:

About the role

In this role you will help to develop all visual identity templates and tools to scale the Silver Bullet’s clients graphic representations; idealize creatives; develop consistent and eye-catching communications that go through the entire customer journey, and rapidly and consistently experiment and learn the best ways to achieve outstanding quality and scale.

You will be part of our creative team, a is self-motivated with clear goals, in which you will have the autonomy to be bold and take your own decisions towards our desired future. The team will be supporting your decisions as advisors and sharing experience and thoughts with you about the critical necessities and directions of the initiative both in the short and in the long term.

What You Will Do

  • Develop the visuals for brand and product campaigns;
  • Collaborate with other teams to create communication deliverables to our projects and products, with audiences all over the countries;
  • Build the main template collections;

Who You Are

  • Fresh grad or currently pursuing a bachelor degree in Arts, Product Design, Graphic Design, or related areas;
  • You have craft obsession and deeply care about the voice and look-and-feel of our brand, paring with marketing and design peers daily;
  • You have a creativity and experiment-driven mindset, pairing with business folks to continually improve and translate their insights into relatable and simple assets;
  • You understand design processes and methodologies as an essential tool to solve different problems;
  • You have the ease of learning and adaptation: ability to react and adapt in a fast-paced environment;
  • You have curiosity and great collaboration skills: have the eagerness to look for multiple perspectives to better solve a problem;
  • You have the ability to maintain an overarching and consistent brand aesthetic across channels;
  • Fluent English and French