Looking for your first job, or any job during your career can be hectic and stressful. And for fresh graduates who have little knowledge on what to expect in the professional world, or as we like to call it, the real world, we hope this article might help you. 

Few years ago, people applying for jobs would easily skip the application process for a startup, with the thought of it being a “small company” or an “unsuccessful business”. In this part of the blog, we’re going to see how the startup world actually works, and why you should start applying to any startup you find in the process. 

Let’s start with a quick and easy definition of a startup. A startup is a small company, normally founded by one or two entrepreneurs who believe in the high demand of a product or a service and wish to expand and develop it. 

The essential part in starting a startup is coming up with an idea worth putting out in the market. The next important step to take is to study the market you wish to enter, to know your competitors, and most importantly, to know and understand your audience. 

Here are some main ideas as to why startups can be a great place for you to start growing in your professional journey, starting with the obvious: 

Job opportunities

Any new business naturally creates new job opportunities and startups are generating a larger number of employments; as opposed to traditional big companies, startups are constantly recruiting and expanding their fields, especially targeting the young generation, which brings us to the next point. 


Masterminds behind a successful business are not necessarily people with the strongest resumés and the biggest experience but can simply be born from a creative mind. 

Creativity is an unmeasurable world that is even more accessible and reachable today and is dominated by the young generation. They are the ones who have the brains and the skills to create what’s missing in today’s society. They are also the ones who know how to adapt to the fast pace of the world. The reason why creativity is such an important asset in startups is that it’s a great weapon to have to be one step ahead of your competitors, as well as the market’s needs. 

Flexibility and self-growth 

Startups being supposedly small companies, any employee naturally has more responsibility than in a big “normal corporation”. Less employees = more tasks per employee. In the early stages of a startup, teams are mostly consisted of one person. Running a team by yourself might sound like you have no one around to help or no one above you to guide you, but this actually means that you will learn to make major decisions and work on your own self-growth. Overtime, an individual employee can be responsible for, or work in more than a team, leading to learning new skills and expanding your expertise. Therefore, the exposure one might get to different disciplines in a single startup might introduce them to a new field they never knew they would be interested in, which can be a game changer in their journey.


Even if you land on a job opportunity in a startup that’s not necessarily within your field, take the job, and take advantage of every skill you learn along the way. It might not be your dream job, but having this opportunity is an essential key to grow professionally. And who knows, it might be an important step towards starting your own startup one day. 

To the youngsters reading this, throw yourself out there any chance you get. A startup is the best place for you to be in the early stages of your career. At the end, what’s better than working in a flexible and growing environment? 

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